Greek Week 2018

City of Novato Greek Cultural Week Proclamation

Whereas Ancient Greek Culture was the birthplace of Western civilization about 4000 years ago;

Whereas Ancient Greece produced many magnificent achievements in areas of government, science, philosophy and the arts that still influence our lives;

Whereas Greece, and especially Athens, is the cradle of democracy in the western civilization;

Whereas Hellenism is the carrying of Greek thought, ideals, and practices from the time of Alexander the Great;

Whereas Hellenism includes the classical ideals associated with ancient Greece which includes reason, the pursuit of knowledge, and the application of philosophy to the study of religion;

Whereas the scholars from the Byzantine era to today have drawn inspiration from both the New Testament (originally written in Greek) and the philosophy and literature of classical Greece;

Whereas the Parish of Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church was formally organized and established in Marin County in 1969 and Novato in 1979;

Whereas the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church has provided Charitable Support for numerous non-profits in Novato and Marin County;

Whereas the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church has shared the Greek Faith & Culture through the Marin Greek Festival for 47 years;

We, therefore, declare May 20-27 Greek Cultural Week in Novato.