BYBLOS Book Club

BYBLOS Book Club

BYBLOS is a Traditional Christian Book Club that Welcomes Seekers, Inquirers and just Plain Curious Folks

We read a book a month, then meet once a month, generally on the third Tuesday of the month from 7 PM to 9 PM, to engage in conversations about Truth, Meaning, Purpose and Life. Together we cultivate wisdom, virtue and charitable acceptance of others with whom we may not completely agree.

Our gathering is an opportunity for intellectual and spiritual growth, benefiting from the experience of others and the exploration of new and diverse literary landscapes.

BYBLOS is an ancient Phoenician city in present day Lebanon. It was known for its import of papyrus (the paper of its day) from Egypt. The English word “Bible”, was ultimately derived from the Greek word bíblos (βίβλος) for “book.”

It is not necessary to be a Christian to attend our meetings. All are welcomed. We do request, however, that each participant read the document below entitled “Introduction to BYBLOS” and complete a short 10-question survey so that we can offer the best reading and discussion environment possible. Following the completion of the survey you will receive an email confirmation from the facilitator, Anthony Scott concerning the present book being read, the next meeting, etc. You may also email him at


Introduction to BYBLOS

10-question survey