“Where there is no vision, the people will perish.” Proverbs, 29:18
As Nativity of Christ celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2019, the Parish is also excited to dream towards its future vision through a Strategic Planning Process. Everyone is encouraged to involve themselves in this process so that together as a community we may build a vision for future generations.

Strategic Planning Process: Introduction

Strategic Plan: Question and Answer

Facilities: Past, Present, and Future

Spiritual Entry Video

 Executive Summary Survey Report

Complete Survey Report

Five Year Strategic Plan Goals

Approved Strategic Plan

Appendix For The Strategic Plan

PA Presentation of Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Video

Fundraising Feasibility Study

Capital Campaign Feasibility Survey

Fundraising Feasibility Study Results

Overall Budget and Condensed Summary of the Beyond 50 Strategic Plan

Parish Town Hall Zoom 2020 8 16

BEYOND 50 UPDATE: 11/15/2020