Marin Greek Festival Memorial Day Weekend

Out of love and concern for the stewards of our Parish and members of the greater Marin community, the Marin Greek Festival will be postponed until Memorial Day Weekend 2021. As we continue to support each other during these trying times, we pray that our benevolent Lord will grant health and well-being to all suffering from Covid-19. 


For over 47 years, the Marin Greek Festival has offered Bay Area residents the opportunity to experience the Faith, culture, and hospitality of our Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Community.

Below are details regarding our Festival dates, times, food, beverages, and entertainment.  More details will be available Spring 2020. Please call the Church Office at 415-883-1998 if you have questions or would like more information about any of our events.

Dates & Times

The Marin Greek Festival takes place every year at Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church in Novato on Memorial Day weekend. The Church is located at 1110 Highland Avenue in Novato.

Doors are open from 11 am to 10 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Free all Day on Friday!

Saturday and Sunday: Adults $5

Seniors (65+): $4

Children 12 and Under: Free!


There is a free shuttle available at Pell Plaza, 500 Redwood Blvd. in Novato.  From Highway 101 take the Ignacio Blvd. exit heading west and follow the signs for “Shuttle Parking.”


Parking is available Friday morning and afternoon at the Church. However on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, there is not enough parking to accommodate all of our enthusiastic visitors. During these times, you can park your car at the Free Shuttle location above and take the shuttle to the festival.


We work hard to ensure you enjoy our authentic, homemade, Greek recipes. There is bound to be an appetizer, main dish or pastry that will bring you back for more.


Lectures, Byzantine Chanting, Church Tours, YiaYia and Me Cooking, Dance and Greek Wedding Demonstrations, Greek Food Delicacies & Dancing to the renowned Hohlax Trio.

With melodious harmonies and traditional Greek instruments, the Hohlax Band will present the sounds of Greece during all three days of the Festival. Whether you listen with enjoyment or grab someone’s hand to dance, an environment of authentic Greek music awaits you.

Rhythm and song must be accompanied with the movement of dance. The award-winning Minoan Greek Dancers will perform throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.  Ranging from kindergarten to college, energetic performances will be presented from various regions of Greece with authentic costumes. Don’t miss out on these lively and inspiring performances!

Greek Wines from Ancient Vines: Friday 4:30 PM until Sunday 10 PM

Cooking Demos

Learn the secrets to making your own delicious Greek feast at our various Cooking Demos. We want to share our expertise in making some of our favorite dishes so you can take a piece of the Festival home with you. Be sure to check out our program book for specific times.


Among the many attractions available at the Marin Greek Festival are the spectacular exhibitors available for any shopping whim. Jewelry, icons, ceramics, Greek merchandise and other fashionable accessories are available all three days of the Festival.

Church Tours

What is Orthodoxy? Do I have to be Greek to be Greek Orthodox? Do Greeks still believe in Zeus?

If you have these types of questions and want to know more about the Orthodox Christian Church, check out Our Faith page and attend a Church Tour at the Marin Greek Festival. Taking place inside our place of worship, a 15-minute presentation will be given by our priest with the opportunity for questions to follow.

Pets: Service Dogs Only

Smoking: No smoking anywhere on Parish Grounds

Volunteer at the Festival Partners

Look for information on volunteering Spring of 2020.

Charity Partners

Giving back to the community defines our Orthodox Christian values.  We are proud to support local charities and nonprofits through the proceeds of our Festival.  Below is a list of our charity partners we encourage others to support as well:

2019: Homeward Bound

2018: Marin’s Best (Marin Special Olympics)
2017: Center for Domestic Peace
2016: Novato Human Needs
2015: St. Vincent School for Boys